About ASCIIcasts

I really like Ryan Bates’s Railscasts, but videos aren’t the easiest thing to search through when you’re trying to search for a single tip or line of Ruby code to add to your own site. ASCIIcasts are text versions of each Railscast, each with a link to the original video. I hope you find them useful. You can keep up to date with new episodes on Twitter.

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Why The Big Gap In The Episode Numbers?

I started at episode 1, but realised that people will be more interested in the recent ones. I’ll be adding recent and “classic” episodes until the gap is filled.


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My name is Eifion Bedford. By day I’m a .Net programmer for Draig in North Wales, but in the evenings and at weekends I swap hats and program in Ruby and Rails, JavaScript and jQuery and CSS.

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