Episodes tagged with “administration”

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    Active Admin Other translations: Ja Es Fr Ru

    Active Admin allows you to quickly build an admin interface with just a few commands. Not only does it look great, but it is very customizable as shown in this episode.

    Tags: administration plugins

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    Search, Sort, Paginate with AJAX Other translations: Es

    Many administration pages have search, sorting, and pagination on the index page. See how to add all of this including AJAX.

    Tags: rails-30 administration ajax

  3. 188

    Declarative Authorization Other translations: Cn Es

    Declarative authorization provides an advanced and powerful solution for role-based authorization

    Tags: administration authorization plugins

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    Dynamic Page Caching Other translations: Cn It

    Use a combination of page caching and JavaScript to create a fast cached page that can still be updated dynamically.

    Tags: caching performance ajax administration

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    Super Simple Authentication Other translations: It Es Pt Fr

    Authentication is the final step of setting up administration on our site. There are many ways to do it, but we've taken a simple approach here.

    Tags: administration

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    Restricting Access Other translations: It Es Pt Fr

    Learn how to lock your site down and keep the public from accessing the administration features,

    Tags: administration security

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    Where Administration Goes Other translations: It Es Fr

    Part one of a three part series on making an administration system for your site that doesn't require building a whole separate set of pages.

    Tags: administration