Episodes tagged with “ajax”

  1. 390

    Turbolinks Other translations: Ja

    Turbolinks can make your Rails app feel faster by using JavaScript to replace the page content when clicking a link. It will be default in new Rails 4.0 applications, but here we show how to use it in Rails 3 and mention some of the gotchas.

    Tags: performance ajax rails-40

  2. 340


    DataTables makes it easy to convert a plain HTML table into one with pagination, sorting, and searching - all done with JavaScript and jQuery. Here we show how to set this up and use a Rails application as the data source.

    Tags: views ajax plugins

  3. 302

    In-place Editing Other translations: Ja

    Edit an attribute in-place without leaving a page using the Best In Place gem. Learn how to add validations and support for various field types.

    Tags: forms ajax views

  4. 294

    Playing With PJAX Other translations: Ja

    PJAX allows you to quickly update a section of a page using AJAX with automatic pushState support. Here we show how to use both pjax_rails and rack-pjax gems.

    Tags: ajax plugins

  5. 258

    Token Fields Other translations: Ja Es

    With the jQuery Tokeninput plugin it is easy to add an autocompleting list of entries for a many-to-many association.

    Tags: forms ajax plugins

  6. 248

    Offline Apps Part 2 Other translations: Es

    Learn how to make a site usable offline with HTML 5 localStorage. This last part of the series covers jquery-tmpl and jquery-offline.

    Tags: plugins ajax

  7. 246

    AJAX History State Other translations: Cn Es

    The new pushState function in JavaScript allows us to change the full URL with AJAX. This means the back button, reloading, and bookmark support can be easily added.

    Tags: ajax

  8. 240

    Search, Sort, Paginate with AJAX Other translations: Es

    Many administration pages have search, sorting, and pagination on the index page. See how to add all of this including AJAX.

    Tags: rails-30 administration ajax

  9. 229

    Polling For Changes Other translations: It Es

    If you have frequently changing data on the server side, it's helpful to automatically display this to the user as well. Here I show how to accomplish this with polling in jQuery.

    Tags: ajax

  10. 205

    Unobtrusive JavaScript Other translations: Es Cn De It Tr

    Rails 3 makes great use of unobtrusive JavaScript, helping keep content and behaviour separate.

    Tags: rails-30 views ajax

  11. 175

    AJAX History and Bookmarks Other translations: Cn

    AJAX-enabled sites do not usually play well with bookmarking or the brower's page history. In this episode we fix that with a simple jQuery plugin.

    Tags: ajax plugins

  12. 174

    Pagination With AJAX Other translations: Cn

    Use jQuery to add unobtrusive JavaScript links to a paginated list.

    Tags: ajax views

  13. 169

    Dynamic Page Caching Other translations: Cn It

    Use a combination of page caching and JavaScript to create a fast cached page that can still be updated dynamically.

    Tags: caching performance ajax administration

  14. 136

    jQuery Other translations: Cn It

    In this episode we recreate the AJAX form submission we did back in episode 43 but with jQuery instead of Prototype and RJS.

    Tags: ajax controllers views

  15. 44

    Debugging RJS Other translations: It

    RJS and AJAX can be difficult to debug, especially when the browser doesn't show an error message. Find out how to trace through your AJAX calls in this episode.

    Tags: ajax tools debugging

  16. 43

    AJAX with RJS Other translations: It

    Learn how to use RJS to generate JavaScript that will update multiple elements on a page.

    Tags: ajax

  17. 147

    Sortable Lists

    Find out how to create a drag and drop list using prototype and one of Rails’ helper methods.

    Tags: active-record plugins ajax routing