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  1. 340


    DataTables makes it easy to convert a plain HTML table into one with pagination, sorting, and searching - all done with JavaScript and jQuery. Here we show how to set this up and use a Rails application as the data source.

    Tags: views ajax plugins

  2. 336


    Copycopter provides a nice interface that clients can use to edit the text in a Rails application. Learn how to deploy a Copycopter server using Heroku and integrate it in a Rails application through I18n.

    Tags: plugins views tools

  3. 334

    Compass & CSS Sprites

    Compass improves the Sass experience by providing useful mixins, functions, and more. You will also learn how to make CSS sprites with it in this episode.

    Tags: views plugins

  4. 332

    Refinery CMS Basics

    If you need to quickly create an informational site that can be easily edited, consider using a content management system. Here we show how to build a site using Refinery CMS.

    Tags: plugins views

  5. 330

    Better SASS With Bourbon

    If you are tired of the browser vendor prefixes in CSS, take a look at Bourbon. It provides Sass mixins and functions to make CSS more convenient.

    Tags: plugins views

  6. 328

    Twitter Bootstrap Basics

    Twitter Bootstrap can help make beautiful web apps quickly by providing you with useful CSS and JavaScript. Here you will learn how to include it into Rails with the twitter-bootstrap-rails gem.

    Tags: plugins views

  7. 324

    Passing Data to JavaScript Other translations: Ja

    There are a variety of ways to pass variables from a Rails application to JavaScript. Here we show three techniques: a script tag, a data attribute, and the Gon gem.

    Tags: views plugins

  8. 302

    In-place Editing Other translations: Ja

    Edit an attribute in-place without leaving a page using the Best In Place gem. Learn how to add validations and support for various field types.

    Tags: forms ajax views

  9. 296

    Mercury Editor Other translations: Ja

    Mercury allows you to edit a section of HTML directly in the web browser through a WISYIWYG editor. Here we show how to integrate Mercury into a Rails app and save the changes back to the database.

    Tags: plugins views

  10. 286

    Draper Other translations: Ja Ru

    Clean up complex view logic using Draper. This gem provides decorators (much like presenters) which bundles view logic in an object oriented fashion. In this episode we do a step-by-step refactoring of a complex template into a decorator.

    Tags: views plugins refactoring

  11. 272

    Markdown with Redcarpet Other translations: Es Fr Ja

    Redcarpet is an easy-to-use gem which interprets Markdown. In this episode we show how to customize it and add syntax highlighting through Pygments and Albino.

    Tags: plugins views

  12. 269

    Template Inheritance Other translations: It Ja Es

    In Rails 3.1 the controller inheritance also applies to the view layer. Here I show how to add an application template which is shared by all views, and a lookup path for overriding templates based on the subdomain.

    Tags: rails-31 views

  13. 266

    HTTP Streaming Other translations: Ja Es

    HTTP Streaming allows the browser to start processing the HTML response while the Rails app is still processing the rest of the request.

    Tags: rails-31 views

  14. 259

    Decent Exposure Other translations: Ja Es

    he decent_exposure gem makes it convenient to share controller data with the view through methods instead of instance variables.

    Tags: plugins controllers views

  15. 256

    I18n Backends Other translations: Ja Es

    Internationalization is easy to add in Rails, but the YAML files can be difficult to manage. In this episode I show how to use Redis for managing the translations through a web interface.

    Tags: views

  16. 228

    Sortable Table Columns Other translations: It Es

    In this episode we show you how to make a table of items sortable by clicking on links in the header cells.

    Tags: views security

  17. 223

    Charts Other translations: Es It

    There are a number of JavaScript charting libraries available. In this episode we use Highchart in a Rails application.

    Tags: views performance

  18. 220

    PDFkit Other translations: It Es

    Generating PDFs in plain Ruby can be a lot of work. Instead, consider generating PDFs from HTML using PDFKit.

    Tags: plugins views

  19. 217

    Multistep Forms Other translations: It Es

    In this episode we create a multistep form, or wizard, from scratch.

    Tags: forms views active-record

  20. 214

    A/B Testing with A/Bingo Other translations: Es It

    A/B Testing (or Split Testing) is a way to experiment with variations in an application to see the most effective option.

    Tags: plugins views

  21. 213

    Calendars Other translations: Es It

    If dates play an important role in your application, consider adding a date picker or calendar view as shown in this episode.

    Tags: plugins views forms

  22. 211

    Validations in Rails 3 Other translations: Es It

    Rails 3 offers several new additions to validations. Here learn how to make a custom error_messages partial, reflect on validations, and clean up complex validations in a model.

    Tags: rails-30 forms active-record views

  23. 208

    ERB Blocks in Rails 3 Other translations: Es It

    Rails 3.0 beta 2 is out and it handles blocks in erb templates differently. Find out how in this episode.

    Tags: rails-30 views

  24. 207

    Syntax Highighting Other translations: Cn Es It

    Three popular choices for syntax highlighting in Rails applications are discussed in this episode: CodeRay, Ultraviolets and Pygments.

    Tags: views plugins

  25. 205

    Unobtrusive JavaScript Other translations: Es Cn De It Tr

    Rails 3 makes great use of unobtrusive JavaScript, helping keep content and behaviour separate.

    Tags: rails-30 views ajax

  26. 204

    XSS Protection in Rails 3 Other translations: Es Cn It

    In previous versions of Rails it was easy for your application to be vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks. Rails 3 solves this problem but automatically escaping output.

    Tags: rails-30 views security

  27. 199

    Mobile Devices Other translations: Es Fr It

    In this episode we change the look and behavior of a Rails app on mobile devices and use jQTouch to build a native-looking interface.

    Tags: views controllers plugins

  28. 198

    Edit Multiple Individually Other translations: Es It

    se checkboxes to edit multiple records in one form, where each one has an individual set of form fields.

    Tags: views forms

  29. 197

    Nested Model Form Part 2 Other translations: Es It Fr Cn

    Add and remove nested model fields dynamically through JavaScript using either Prototype or jQuery.

    Tags: forms views

  30. 196

    Nested Model Form Part 1 Other translations: Es It Fr Cn

    The accepts_nested_attributes_for method, introduced in Rails 2.3, makes handling multiple models in a form much easier. Find out how to use it in this episode.

    Tags: forms views active-record

  31. 189

    Embedded Association Other translations: Cn It

    In this episode we show you how to embed a one-to-many or many-to-many association in a single integer field.

    Tags: active-record views

  32. 185

    Formtastic Part 2 Other translations: Tr Es

    In this episode we cover some of Formtastic's more advanced features, including its handling of many-to-many relationships, required fields and styling.

    Tags: forms views plugins

  33. 184

    Formtastic Part 1 Other translations: Tr Es

    Formtastic provides a concise way to generate form views. In the first part of this two-part series we use it to generate a simple form and a more complex, customised one.

    Tags: forms plugins views

  34. 178

    Seven Security Tips Other translations: Cn

    Security is paramount in your Rails applications. Here we show seven commons security flaws from mass assignment to CSRF.

    Tags: security forms views active-record

  35. 174

    Pagination With AJAX Other translations: Cn

    Use jQuery to add unobtrusive JavaScript links to a paginated list.

    Tags: ajax views

  36. 165

    Edit Multiple Other translations: Cn

    Select multiple records with checkboxes and edit them all on one form. Find out how to use virtual attributes to update values relatively.

    Tags: forms views routing

  37. 138

    I18n Other translations: It

    Internationalization was one of the big additions to Rails 2.2. We'll show you how to start using it in this episode.

    Tags: rails-22 views

  38. 136

    jQuery Other translations: Cn It

    In this episode we recreate the AJAX form submission we did back in episode 43 but with jQuery instead of Prototype and RJS.

    Tags: ajax controllers views

  39. 31

    Formatting Time Other translations: It Fr

    Use Ruby's strftime method to format dates and take advantage of Rails DATE_FORMATS hash to store custom date formats.

    Tags: active-support views

  40. 30

    Pretty Page Title Other translations: It

    It's easy to avoid giving each page in your Rails applications its own title. Here we'll show you an easy way to do it.

    Tags: views refactoring

  41. 29

    group_by Month Other translations: It

    The group_by method can be used to group lists of items for display in your Rails apps.

    Tags: views active-support

  42. 28

    In Groups Of Other translations: It

    The in_groups_of method makes it easy to render a collection of items in several columns, with one slight catch.

    Tags: views active-support

  43. 27

    Cross-site Scripting Other translations: It

    Cross-site scripting is a common security issue. FInd out why it is important to escape any user input that you display in a browser.

    Tags: security views

  44. 18

    Looping Through Flash Other translations: It Es Fr

    Displaying flash messages can be a pain. This episode shows an easy way to display all of your flash messages.

    Tags: views

  45. 17

    HABTM Checkboxes Other translations: It Es Fr

    Create a list of checkboxes for easily managing a HABTM relationship.

    Tags: views forms

  46. 8

    Layouts and content_for Other translations: It Es Fr

    content_for allows you to change your layouts on a per-template basis.

    Tags: views

  47. 7

    All About Layouts Other translations: It Es Fr

    Everything you ever wanted to know about layouts.

    Tags: views