Episodes tagged with “routing”

  1. 232

    Routing Walkthrough Part 2 Other translations: It Es

    In this episode we continue our look into the Rails 3 router by exploring the Mapper class.

    Tags: routing rails-30

  2. 231

    Routing Walkthrough Other translations: It Es

    How does routing work internally in Rails 3? In this episode I'll walk you through the Rails code that makes routing possible.

    Tags: rails-30 routing

  3. 222

    Rack in Rails 3 Other translations: Es It

    The router in Rails 3 is fully compatible with Rack. Learn how to embed Sinatra into an app, handle redirects, and improve on Rails Metal.

    Tags: rails-30 routing performance

  4. 221

    Subdomains in Rails 3 Other translations: It Es

    It is now possible to add subdomains to Rails 3 without the use of additional plugins. Learn how in this episode.

    Tags: routing rails-30

  5. 203

    Routing in Rails 3 Other translations: Cn Es It

    Rails 3 has a new routing interface. In this episode we show how to translate the old interface into the new one and show some of the new features.

    Tags: rails-30 routing

  6. 165

    Edit Multiple Other translations: Cn

    Select multiple records with checkboxes and edit them all on one form. Find out how to use virtual attributes to update values relatively.

    Tags: forms views routing

  7. 154

    Polymorphic Association Other translations: Cn

    Polymorphic associations can be a little tricky to understand. In this episode we'll show you how to create one and use it in controllers and views.

    Tags: active-record routing

  8. 147

    Sortable Lists

    Find out how to create a drag and drop list using prototype and one of Rails’ helper methods.

    Tags: active-record plugins ajax routing