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  1. 412

    Fast Rails Commands Other translations: Ja

    Rails commands, such as generators, migrations, and tests, have a tendency to be slow because they need to load the Rails app each time. Here we show three tools to make this faster: Zeus, Spring, and Commands.

    Tags: tools

  2. 336


    Copycopter provides a nice interface that clients can use to edit the text in a Rails application. Learn how to deploy a Copycopter server using Heroku and integrate it in a Rails application through I18n.

    Tags: plugins views tools

  3. 300

    Contributing to Open Source Other translations: Ja

    GitHub makes it easier than ever to contribute to open source with pull requests. Here we show how to submit a pull request to the VCR project.

    Tags: tools testing

  4. 292

    Virtual Machines with Vagrant Other translations: Ja

    Vagrant allows you to run your Rails application and all of its dependencies in a portable, sharable environment. Use for development, set it up as a staging server, or experiment with a production setup.

    Tags: tools

  5. 285

    Spork Other translations: Es Ja

    Spork improves the loading time of your test suite by starting up your Rails application once in the background. Use it with Guard for the ultimate combo in fast feedback while doing TDD.

    Tags: testing plugins tools

  6. 280

    Pry With Rails Other translations: Pl Ja Es Fr

    Pry is an alternative to IRB and sports many great features. Here we show how to integrate it into a Rails app, and how it can aid in debugging.

    Tags: plugins tools

  7. 264

    Guard Other translations: Ja Es

    Guard watches files and runs a command after a file is modified. This allows you to automatically run tests in the background, restart your development server, reload the browser, and more.

    Tags: tools testing

  8. 252

    Metrics Metrics Metrics Other translations: Ja Es Fr

    Metric Fu, Metrical, SimpleCov, Rails Best Practices, and more are covered in this episode on metrics.

    Tags: tools rails-30

  9. 245

    New Gem with Bundler Other translations: Es Ja

    Creating new gems is easy with the `bundle gem` command. In this episode we'll walk you through how this works.

    Tags: tools

  10. 244

    Gravatar Other translations: Pt Ru Es Fr

    Gravatar is a service for providing user avatars. See how easy it is to use in Rails in this episode.

    Tags: tools

  11. 242

    Thor Other translations: Ru Es

    Thor is an alternative to Rake. It has better support for command line arguments and provides a way to add global scripts.

    Tags: tools

  12. 218

    Making Generators in Rails 3 Other translations: It Es

    Generators in Rails 3 have been rewritten to use Thor which means the code used to create a generator is quite different. Here you will learn the new way to make generators in Rails 3.

    Tags: rails-30 tools

  13. 195

    Favourite Web Apps in 2009 Other translations: Es It

    In this episode we show you some of the best web applications o 2009 for Ruby developers.

    Tags: tools

  14. 191

    Mechanize Other translations: Es Cn It

    Mechanize extends Nokogiri, allowing you to interact with websites, filling in forms and clicking links.

    Tags: tools

  15. 190

    Screen Scraping With Nokogiri Other translations: Es Cn It

    Using Nokogiri and SelectorGadget together makes screen-scraping easy.

    Tags: tools

  16. 183

    Gemcutter & Jeweler

    Gemcutter is a new service for hosting Ruby Gems. Jeweler is a gem that provides an automated way to release versions of a gem.

    Tags: tools

  17. 135

    Making a Gem

    Gems are now a more popular way of extending Rails than plugins. In this episode we go through the steps needed to create a basic gem.

    Tags: plugins active-record tools

  18. 166

    Metric Fu

    Metric Fu is a compliation of tools that help you find the places in your code that need improvement. See what they have to say about the Railscasts codebase.

    Tags: tools testing

  19. 164

    Cron in Ruby

    Cron does a great job of handling recurring tasks, but the syntax is a little tricky. This episode shows you how to use Whenever to write cron jobs in Ruby instead.

    Tags: tools plugins

  20. 161

    Three Profiling Tools

    Find out what your Rails application is doing under the hood with New Relic RPM, FiveRuns TuneUp and Rack::Bug.

    Tags: tools performance

  21. 159

    More on Cucumber

    There's more to Cucumber than was shown in episode 155. Learn how to refactor complex scenarios in this episode.

    Tags: testing tools

  22. 158

    Factories Not Fixtures Other translations: He

    Fixtures can make tests brittle and difficult to read. A better alternative is to use factories to create the necessary objects.

    Tags: testing tools

  23. 157

    RSpec Matchers and Macros

    Improve readability and remove duplication in RSpec by making use of matchers and macros.

    Tags: testing tools

  24. 156


    Using Webrat allows you to write integration tests in Ruby, rather than in English as you would with Cucumber.

    Tags: testing tools plugins

  25. 155

    Beginning With Cucumber Other translations: Cn

    Cucumber is a testing framework that lets you develop with Behaviour-Driven Development. We develop a new application using BDD in this episode.

    Tags: testing tools plugins

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    Debugging RJS Other translations: It

    RJS and AJAX can be difficult to debug, especially when the browser doesn't show an error message. Find out how to trace through your AJAX calls in this episode.

    Tags: ajax tools debugging

  27. 151

    Rack Middleware

    Rack middleware provides a way to filter a request and response in your application. We use it to modify the application's response body.

    Tags: rails-23 tools

  28. 143

    PayPal Security

    Find out how to encrypt the data to send to PayPal and verify the authenticity of Instant Payment Notifications.

    Tags: tools security e-commerce

  29. 142

    PayPal Notifications

    PayPal's Instant Payment Notification can be used to tell your app when an order is processed. See how it can be used to mark a cart as purchased.

    Tags: tools e-commerce

  30. 141

    PayPal Basics

    The first of a series about dealing with taking payments on your site. Here we show you how to use PayPal to take payments from your cart.

    Tags: tools e-commerce