Episodes tagged with “caching”

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    Cache Digests Other translations: Ja

    The cache_digests gem (also included in Rails 4) will automatically add a digest to the fragment cache key based on the template. If a template changes the cache will auto-expire but there are traps we need to watch out for.

    Tags: rails-40 performance caching

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    Touch and Cache Other translations: Cn

    Rails 2.3.3 has a new feature called 'touch'. In this episode we use it to auto-expire associated caches.

    Tags: performance caching rails-23

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    Dynamic Page Caching Other translations: Cn It

    Use a combination of page caching and JavaScript to create a fast cached page that can still be updated dynamically.

    Tags: caching performance ajax administration

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    Caching With Instance Variables. Other translations: It Fr Es Kr Pl Pt

    Store the result of an expensive command in an instance variable to improve performance.

    Tags: performance caching