Episodes tagged with “rails-23”

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    Seed Data Other translations: Cn

    Rails 2.3.4 introduces a new convention for creating any seed data that your application needs. This means that you no longer have to put seed data in your migrations.

    Tags: active-record rails-23

  2. 172

    Touch and Cache Other translations: Cn

    Rails 2.3.3 has a new feature called 'touch'. In this episode we use it to auto-expire associated caches.

    Tags: performance caching rails-23

  3. 152

    Rails 2.3 extras

    A round of some of the smaller new feaures in Rails 2.3 to finish the short series on Rails 2.3.

    Tags: rails-23 active-record active-support

  4. 151

    Rack Middleware

    Rack middleware provides a way to filter a request and response in your application. We use it to modify the application's response body.

    Tags: rails-23 tools

  5. 150

    Rails Metal

    Rails Metal lets you bypass the normal Rails request process and speed up frequently called requests.

    Tags: rails-23 performance

  6. 149

    Rails Engines Other translations: De

    Rails 2.3 has most of the Rails Engine plugin built in. Find out how to embed one application into another.

    Tags: rails-23 plugins