Episodes tagged with “active-support”

  1. 152

    Rails 2.3 extras

    A round of some of the smaller new feaures in Rails 2.3 to finish the short series on Rails 2.3.

    Tags: rails-23 active-record active-support

  2. 31

    Formatting Time Other translations: It Fr

    Use Ruby's strftime method to format dates and take advantage of Rails DATE_FORMATS hash to store custom date formats.

    Tags: active-support views

  3. 29

    group_by Month Other translations: It

    The group_by method can be used to group lists of items for display in your Rails apps.

    Tags: views active-support

  4. 28

    In Groups Of Other translations: It

    The in_groups_of method makes it easy to render a collection of items in several columns, with one slight catch.

    Tags: views active-support

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    Shortcut Blocks with Symbol to_proc Other translations: It Es Fr

    The Symbol#to_proc feature in Rails allows you do do simple blocks quickly and easily.

    Tags: active-support