Episodes tagged with “controllers”

  1. 259

    Decent Exposure Other translations: Ja Es

    he decent_exposure gem makes it convenient to share controller data with the view through methods instead of instance variables.

    Tags: plugins controllers views

  2. 230

    Inherited Resources Other translations: It Es

    Inherited Resource simplifies RESTful controllers by providing default actions which can be customized through inheritance.

    Tags: plugins controllers

  3. 224

    Controllers in Rails 3 Other translations: Pt Es De It

    This episode covers changes to controllers in Rails 3 including embedded flash notices, permanent cookies and respond_with.

    Tags: rails-30 controllers

  4. 199

    Mobile Devices Other translations: Es Fr It

    In this episode we change the look and behavior of a Rails app on mobile devices and use jQTouch to build a native-looking interface.

    Tags: views controllers plugins

  5. 163

    Self Referential Association Other translations: Cn

    In this episode we create a small social networking application and use a self-referential association to link users with their friends.

    Tags: active-record controllers

  6. 136

    jQuery Other translations: Cn It

    In this episode we recreate the AJAX form submission we did back in episode 43 but with jQuery instead of Prototype and RJS.

    Tags: ajax controllers views

  7. 13

    Dangers of Model in Session Other translations: It Es Fr

    Care must be taken when storing a model in a session as it can get out of sync with the database.

    Tags: controllers