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    Rails has great internationalization (I18n) support making it easy to translate static text into other languages, but how do we translate database content? Learn how using Globalize 3 in this episode.

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    ActiveAttr provides what Active Model left out. If you need to create a table-less model with features similar to Active Record, read this episode.

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    Mongoid Other translations: Es Pt

    Mongoid is a polished, high-level Ruby gem for accessing MongoDB. Here we cover installation, adding fields, validations, associations, and keys.

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    Dynamic attr_accessible Other translations: Pt Es

    It is important to use attr_accessible for security with mass assignment, but what if you need it to be dynamic based on user permissions? See how in this episode.

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    Active Model Other translations: It Es Cn Fr

    In Rails 3 the non-database functionality of Active Record is extracted out into Active Model. This allows you to cleanly add validations and other features to tableless models.

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    MongoDB and MongoMapper Other translations: Pt Es Cn It

    MongoDB is a document-based database engine. Learn how to use it in Rails application with Mongomapper in this episode.

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    More on Virtual Attributes Other translations: Cn

    Make use of virtual attributes and callbacks to implement tagging in a blogging application.

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