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    Upgrading to Rails 3.1 Other translations: Ja Es Ru Fr

    It is incredibly easy to upgrade to Rails 3.1, but if you want to take advantage of the asset pipeline you will need to put in some extra effort. Have no fear because we walk you through each of the necessary steps in this episode.

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  2. 279

    Understanding The Asset Pipeline Other translations: Ja Es Fr

    The asset pipeline is probably the biggest feature in Rails 3.1, but it can seem like magic at first. Here we dive into how the asset pipeline works.

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  3. 277

    Mountable Engines Other translations: De Ja Fr Es

    Engines are receiving a major update in Rails 3.1. You can mount them at any path, embed assets, run generators and more. See how in this episode.

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  4. 270

    Authentication in Rails 3.1 Other translations: Ja Es De Fr

    Here we show three new features in Rails 3.1 that will help with authentication: easier HTTP Basic, SecurePassword in the database, and forcing SSL.

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  5. 269

    Template Inheritance Other translations: It Ja Es

    In Rails 3.1 the controller inheritance also applies to the view layer. Here I show how to add an application template which is shared by all views, and a lookup path for overriding templates based on the subdomain.

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  6. 268

    SASS Basics Other translations: Ja It Es

    Sass extends CSS with variables, nesting, mixins and more. Here I show how to convert plain CSS to SCSS in a Rails 3.1 app.

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  7. 267

    CoffeeScript Basics Other translations: Ja It Es

    CoffeeScript allows you to write JavaScript in a concise, elegant fashion. In this episode we convert JavaScript code to CoffeeScript in a Rails 3.1 app.

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  8. 266

    HTTP Streaming Other translations: Ja Es

    HTTP Streaming allows the browser to start processing the HTML response while the Rails app is still processing the rest of the request.

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  9. 265

    Rails 3.1 Overview Other translations: Ja Es

    This is the first episode in a series covering Rails 3.1. Here we show how to install the beta and show some of the new features.

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