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  1. 18

    Looping Through Flash Other translations: It Es Fr

    Displaying flash messages can be a pain. This episode shows an easy way to display all of your flash messages.

    Tags: views

  2. 17

    HABTM Checkboxes Other translations: It Es Fr

    Create a list of checkboxes for easily managing a HABTM relationship.

    Tags: views forms

  3. 16

    Virtual Attributes Other translations: Cn It Es Fr

    Keep your forms flexible by adding virtual attributes to your model. This powerful technique allows you to create form fields which may not directly relate to the database.

    Tags: active-record forms

  4. 15

    Fun With Find Conditions Other translations: It Es Fr

    You can pass objects other than strings to find conditions, but care must be taken to ensure that the correct SQL is generated.

    Tags: active-record

  5. 14

    Performing Calculations On Models Other translations: It Es Fr

    ActiveRecord provides class methods for performing calculations on models. See how in this episode.

    Tags: active-record

  6. 13

    Dangers of Model in Session Other translations: It Es Fr

    Care must be taken when storing a model in a session as it can get out of sync with the database.

    Tags: controllers

  7. 12

    Refactoring User Name Part 3 Other translations: It Es Fr

    In the final part of the episodes on testing and refactoring we'll refactor our test code.

    Tags: refactoring testing

  8. 11

    Refactoring User Name Part 2 Other translations: It Es Fr

    Having moved code from the view to the model in part one, we'll refactor it and write some tests to make sure it all still works as expected.

    Tags: refactoring testing

  9. 10

    Refactoring User Name Part 1 Other translations: It Es Fr

    This episode will show you how to move code from the view into the model to reduce duplication and clean up the view.

    Tags: refactoring

  10. 9

    Filtering Sensitive Logs Other translations: It Es Fr

    By default, Rails stores sensitive data in its log files. Find out how to filter it out.

    Tags: security