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  1. 282

    Upgrading to Rails 3.1 Other translations: Ja Es Ru Fr

    It is incredibly easy to upgrade to Rails 3.1, but if you want to take advantage of the asset pipeline you will need to put in some extra effort. Have no fear because we walk you through each of the necessary steps in this episode.

    Tags: rails-31

  2. 281

    Foreman Other translations: Ja Es He Fr

    Foreman can help manage multiple processes that your Rails app depends upon when running in development. It also provides an export command to move them into production.


  3. 280

    Pry With Rails Other translations: Pl Ja Es Fr

    Pry is an alternative to IRB and sports many great features. Here we show how to integrate it into a Rails app, and how it can aid in debugging.

    Tags: plugins tools

  4. 279

    Understanding The Asset Pipeline Other translations: Ja Es Fr

    The asset pipeline is probably the biggest feature in Rails 3.1, but it can seem like magic at first. Here we dive into how the asset pipeline works.

    Tags: rails-31

  5. 278

    Search With Sunspot Other translations: Ja Es Fr

    Sunspot makes it easy to do full text searching through Solr. In this episode we show how to search on various attributes and add facets for filtering the search further.

    Tags: plugins

  6. 277

    Mountable Engines Other translations: De Ja Fr Es

    Engines are receiving a major update in Rails 3.1. You can mount them at any path, embed assets, run generators and more. See how in this episode.

    Tags: rails-31

  7. 276

    Testing Time & Web Requests Other translations: Es Fr Ja

    It can be difficult to test code that deals with the current time or an external web request. Here we show you how to do both using the Timecop and FakeWeb gems.

    Tags: testing plugins

  8. 275

    How I Test Other translations: Fr Es Ja

    Here we show how we would add tests to the password reset feature created in the previous episode. We use RSpec, Capybara, Factory Girl, and Guard to make request, model, and mailer specs.

    Tags: testing refactoring

  9. 274

    Remember Me & Reset Password Other translations: Fr Ja Es

    It is easy to create authentication from scratch, but how do we extend it with more features? Here we add a "remember me" check box and a "forgotten password" link.

    Tags: authentication

  10. 273

    Geocoder Other translations: Fr Es Ja Ru

    If you need to work with geographic data, Geocoder is an excellent gem for converting addresses and coordinates, finding nearby locations, determining distances, and more!

    Tags: plugins