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  1. 272

    Markdown with Redcarpet Other translations: Es Fr Ja

    Redcarpet is an easy-to-use gem which interprets Markdown. In this episode we show how to customize it and add syntax highlighting through Pygments and Albino.

    Tags: plugins views

  2. 271

    Resque Other translations: Es Ja Fr

    Resque creates background jobs using Redis. It supports multiple queue and comes with an administration interface for monitoring and managing the queues.

    Tags: plugins background-jobs

  3. 270

    Authentication in Rails 3.1 Other translations: Ja Es De Fr

    Here we show three new features in Rails 3.1 that will help with authentication: easier HTTP Basic, SecurePassword in the database, and forcing SSL.

    Tags: rails-31 authentication

  4. 269

    Template Inheritance Other translations: It Ja Es

    In Rails 3.1 the controller inheritance also applies to the view layer. Here I show how to add an application template which is shared by all views, and a lookup path for overriding templates based on the subdomain.

    Tags: rails-31 views

  5. 268

    SASS Basics Other translations: Ja It Es

    Sass extends CSS with variables, nesting, mixins and more. Here I show how to convert plain CSS to SCSS in a Rails 3.1 app.

    Tags: rails-31

  6. 267

    CoffeeScript Basics Other translations: Ja It Es

    CoffeeScript allows you to write JavaScript in a concise, elegant fashion. In this episode we convert JavaScript code to CoffeeScript in a Rails 3.1 app.

    Tags: rails-31

  7. 266

    HTTP Streaming Other translations: Ja Es

    HTTP Streaming allows the browser to start processing the HTML response while the Rails app is still processing the rest of the request.

    Tags: rails-31 views

  8. 265

    Rails 3.1 Overview Other translations: Ja Es

    This is the first episode in a series covering Rails 3.1. Here we show how to install the beta and show some of the new features.

    Tags: rails-31

  9. 264

    Guard Other translations: Ja Es

    Guard watches files and runs a command after a file is modified. This allows you to automatically run tests in the background, restart your development server, reload the browser, and more.

    Tags: tools testing

  10. 263

    Client-side Validations Other translations: Ja Es

    Showing validation errors inline as the user is filling out the form can lead to a better use experience. Learn how to do this using the Client Side Validations gem.

    Tags: plugins forms