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  1. 252

    Metrics Metrics Metrics Other translations: Ja Es Fr

    Metric Fu, Metrical, SimpleCov, Rails Best Practices, and more are covered in this episode on metrics.

    Tags: tools rails-30

  2. 251

    MetaWhere & MetaSearch Other translations: Ja Es

    MetaWhere provides a way to do complex find conditions without SQL in Active Record. MetaSearch makes it easy to create search forms with many find options.

    Tags: rails-3.0 plugins active-record forms search

  3. 250

    Authentication from Scratch Other translations: Ja Es

    Password authentication is not too complicated to make from scratch, it will also help to get a better understanding of how it works.

    Tags: authentication

  4. 249

    Notifications in Rails 3 Other translations: Es Ja

    Rails 3 comes with instrument support through the ActiveSupport::Notifications class. Call "subscribe" to listen to notifications, and "instrument" to send them.

    Tags: rails-30

  5. 248

    Offline Apps Part 2 Other translations: Es

    Learn how to make a site usable offline with HTML 5 localStorage. This last part of the series covers jquery-tmpl and jquery-offline.

    Tags: plugins ajax

  6. 247

    Offline Apps Part 1 Other translations: Es

    Learn how to make a site usable offline through an HTML 5 cache manifest. This first part of the series covers rack-offline and problems you may run into.

    Tags: plugins

  7. 246

    AJAX History State Other translations: Cn Es

    The new pushState function in JavaScript allows us to change the full URL with AJAX. This means the back button, reloading, and bookmark support can be easily added.

    Tags: ajax

  8. 245

    New Gem with Bundler Other translations: Es Ja

    Creating new gems is easy with the `bundle gem` command. In this episode we'll walk you through how this works.

    Tags: tools

  9. 244

    Gravatar Other translations: Pt Ru Es Fr

    Gravatar is a service for providing user avatars. See how easy it is to use in Rails in this episode.

    Tags: tools

  10. 243

    Beanstalkd and Stalker Other translations: Pt Es

    Beanstalk is a fast and easy way to queue background tasks. Stalker provides a nice wrapper interface for creating these jobs.

    Tags: plugins background-jobs