Recent Episodes

  1. 242

    Thor Other translations: Ru Es

    Thor is an alternative to Rake. It has better support for command line arguments and provides a way to add global scripts.

    Tags: tools

  2. 241

    Simple OmniAuth Other translations: Es Ja

    OmniAuth makes it easy to add authentication if you don't need username/password or multiple authentications per user.

    Tags: authentication plugins

  3. 240

    Search, Sort, Paginate with AJAX Other translations: Es

    Many administration pages have search, sorting, and pagination on the index page. See how to add all of this including AJAX.

    Tags: rails-30 administration ajax

  4. 239

    ActiveRecord::Relation Walkthrough Other translations: Es

    The new Active Record query methods in Rails 3 might seem like magic at first. In this episode we unravel how it works by browsing the Rails 3 source code.

    Tags: rails-30 active-record

  5. 238

    Mongoid Other translations: Es Pt

    Mongoid is a polished, high-level Ruby gem for accessing MongoDB. Here we cover installation, adding fields, validations, associations, and keys.

    Tags: models plugins

  6. 237

    Dynamic attr_accessible Other translations: Pt Es

    It is important to use attr_accessible for security with mass assignment, but what if you need it to be dynamic based on user permissions? See how in this episode.

    Tags: security rails-30 models

  7. 236

    OmniAuth Part 2 Other translations: Es

    In this episode we continue our look at integrating OmniAuth with devise.This time we show how to set up new users with validations.

    Tags: authentications plugins

  8. 235

    OmniAuth Part 1 Other translations: Es It

    OmniAuth is an easy way to add many different authentication services to your app. In this episode we start integrating it with Devise.

    Tags: authentications plugins

  9. 234

    Simple Form Other translations: Pt Es It

    Simple Form is a convenient way to generate forms with many options to customize the generated markup.

    Tags: forms plugins

  10. 233

    Engage With Devise Other translations: It Es Fr

    Janrain Engage (aka RPX) makes it easy to support many authentication solutions through one service.

    Tags: authentication plugins