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  1. 232

    Routing Walkthrough Part 2 Other translations: It Es

    In this episode we continue our look into the Rails 3 router by exploring the Mapper class.

    Tags: routing rails-30

  2. 231

    Routing Walkthrough Other translations: It Es

    How does routing work internally in Rails 3? In this episode I'll walk you through the Rails code that makes routing possible.

    Tags: rails-30 routing

  3. 230

    Inherited Resources Other translations: It Es

    Inherited Resource simplifies RESTful controllers by providing default actions which can be customized through inheritance.

    Tags: plugins controllers

  4. 229

    Polling For Changes Other translations: It Es

    If you have frequently changing data on the server side, it's helpful to automatically display this to the user as well. Here I show how to accomplish this with polling in jQuery.

    Tags: ajax

  5. 228

    Sortable Table Columns Other translations: It Es

    In this episode we show you how to make a table of items sortable by clicking on links in the header cells.

    Tags: views security

  6. 227

    Upgrading to Rails 3 Part 3 Other translations: It Pt Es

    In this episode we finish up this upgrade series by removing all deprecation warnings and fixing some problems in the view.

    Tags: rails-30 plugins

  7. 226

    Upgrading to Rails 3 Part 2 Other translations: Pt It Es

    Here we continue upgrading an application to Rails 3 by getting our specs up and running and going through the rails_upgrade plugin.

    Tags: rails-30 plugins

  8. 225

    Upgrading to Rails 3 Part 1 Other translations: Pt It Es

    In the first part of this series on upgrading a Rails 2 application to Rails 3, we'll start off by setting up Rails 3.0 Release Candidate in a clean environment. The rails_upgrade plugin will then help us determine what needs upgrading.

    Tags: rails-30 plugins

  9. 224

    Controllers in Rails 3 Other translations: Pt Es De It

    This episode covers changes to controllers in Rails 3 including embedded flash notices, permanent cookies and respond_with.

    Tags: rails-30 controllers

  10. 223

    Charts Other translations: Es It

    There are a number of JavaScript charting libraries available. In this episode we use Highchart in a Rails application.

    Tags: views performance