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  1. 262

    Trees With Ancestry Other translations: Ja Es

    The Ancestry gem works like a tree but also allows us to fetch deeply nested messages in a single query. It provides a method to arrange them after fetching.

    Tags: plugins

  2. 261

    Testing JavaScript with Jasmine Other translations: Ja Es

    Are you testing your JavaScript? Learn how to add specs using Jasmine. This episode also covers jQuery integration with jasmine-jquery.

    Tags: testing plugins

  3. 260

    Messaging With Faye Other translations: Ja Es

    Faye is a subscription/publishing server which makes it easy to do push notifications within a Rails app.

    Tags: plugins

  4. 259

    Decent Exposure Other translations: Ja Es

    he decent_exposure gem makes it convenient to share controller data with the view through methods instead of instance variables.

    Tags: plugins controllers views

  5. 258

    Token Fields Other translations: Ja Es

    With the jQuery Tokeninput plugin it is easy to add an autocompleting list of entries for a many-to-many association.

    Tags: forms ajax plugins

  6. 257

    Request Specs and Capybara Other translations: Ja Es

    Request specs in RSpec are a great way to ensure the entire application stack is working properly. Here I also show how to use capybara with integrated JavaScript testing using Selenium.

    Tags: testing plugins rails-30

  7. 256

    I18n Backends Other translations: Ja Es

    Internationalization is easy to add in Rails, but the YAML files can be difficult to manage. In this episode I show how to use Redis for managing the translations through a web interface.

    Tags: views

  8. 255

    Undo With PaperTrail Other translations: Ja Es

    Undo and redo behavior is easy to add with a versioning gem such as Paper Trail. Learn how to add an undo link to any model's flash message.

    Tags: plugins

  9. 254

    Pagination with Kaminari Other translations: Ja Es

    If you need pagination in Rails 3 try out Kaminari. It is a clean, flexible solution which uses scopes to flow nicely with Active Record queries.

    Tags: plugins rails-30

  10. 253

    CarrierWave File Uploads Other translations: Ja Es

    CarrierWave makes it easy and clean to add file uploads to your application. It supports a variety of ORMs, frameworks and image processors.

    Tags: plugins